John Ferguson

I have always had a strong drive to succeed and overcome. I grew up in the Midwest surrounded by the grit and determination of American manufacturing. I truly practice law, meaning I build upon past experience to get better every day with the goal to be the best. Personally, I value empathy and honesty. Professionally, I value efficiency and transparency. These personal and professional goals direct each aspect of my services:


If I can resolve your matter without litigation, I will. If litigation is inevitable, you’ll have aggressive advocacy. Ultimately, I understand that litigation can be time-consuming and stressful but i’m here to shoulder the burden. You will not face the challenge alone – I will guide you. I’m authentic and effective.

Business & Tax Work:

Business and tax work is about accuracy and depth. A complete understanding of client goals and experience with business issues that arise inside and outside of a company is essential to good guidance. My business litigation background provides unique insight into potential problems and provident solutions to avoid costly litigation down the road. Additionally, my strong tax background allows thoughtful and informed tax mitigation strategies from the outset. From the larger complexities of mergers and acquisitions to the relative simplicity of entity formation, I have your tax and business needs covered. I do it right the first time.

General Counsel Work:

I serve as outside general counsel for small and medium-sized businesses. I understand your focus must remain on the financial health of your company. In any business, peripheral legal issues will arise. I stand behind you and your team with the common goal of your success as our top priority. Whether it’s quick guidance on ubiquitous topics like employment issues and contracts or larger projects like litigation or acquisitions I am your trusted legal resource.

Driven & Experienced Legal Advocacy

Nearly 30 Years of Legal Experience

Honest, Straightforward Representation



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