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Businesses inevitably face challenges at all stages of their development cycles. Hiring capable legal representation can help you effectively overcome these obstacles and protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Our Austin business lawyers provide straightforward representation and sophisticated guidance to business owners at all
levels. At Ferguson Law Practice, PLLC, we
have over two decades of combined legal experience and are familiar with how to navigate many of the
concerns businesses routinely encounter in Central Texas.

Our team is made up of motivated problem-solvers who strive to deliver high-quality services, client-centered advocacy, and dependable results.

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Our Services

Our Austin business attorneys can assist you with:

  • Entity Formation. Choosing the appropriate entity structure is an important component of establishing a new business. Our firm can evaluate your short- and long-term goals and advise what type of entity will best support them. We can assist you with sole proprietorships, general and limited partnerships, C and S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and limited liability partnerships (LLPs). Our team will review the advantages and disadvantages of each type, and, once you have made your selection, we will handle all paperwork and legal formalities associated with formation.
  • Business Litigation. We understand that litigating a conflict is never ideal, but, in certain situations, going to court may be unavoidable or in your best interest. Our team is made up of fierce, talented litigators who know how to obtain favorable results in many types of cases. Our Austin business  lawyers can help you litigate breaches of contract, employment disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, intellectual property disputes, product liability issues, securities issues, personal injury claims, economic torts, and more.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions. Mergers and acquisitions are incredibly complex transactions that will almost certainly require careful and experienced legal guidance to safely navigate. Whether you are looking to retire as a seller or expand as a buyer, our team can provide diligent representation throughout each stage of the transaction. We can assist with conducting initial investigations, performing due diligence, advising on the purchase price and payment structure terms, negotiating and preparing the transactional agreement, evaluating taxation implications, and every other applicable step of the process.
  • Tax Litigation. Our dedicated tax professionals can work to limit the consequences of audits at the local, state, or federal levels. We are extensively familiar with how taxing authorities conduct investigations and can provide the thorough legal support you will need to efficiently manage the documentation, testimony, and evidence you will be expected to provide. Our team knows how to effectively communicate with IRS agents and can assist you with written appeals at the Appeals Office. If necessary, our Austin business attorneys are prepared to go to court and will work to aggressively protect your interests.

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At Ferguson Law Practice, PLLC, we recognize that each business has unique needs that will require tailored strategies. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start a new venture or a seasoned business owner looking to facilitate a profitable exit, our team can offer the personalized advice you need to accomplish your goals.


I have always had a strong drive to succeed and overcome. I grew up in the Midwest surrounded by the grit and determination of American manufacturing. I truly practice law, meaning I build upon past experience to get better every day with the goal to be the best. Personally, I value empathy and honesty. Professionally, I value efficiency and transparency. These personal and professional goals direct each aspect of my services:

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