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When you find yourself faced with the uncertainty that comes with litigation, let our experienced family law attorneys in Austin and Travis County, Texas, help you develop a plan for your future.  

Whether you are contemplating divorce, or have found that your current orders are no longer practical, we are here to help you create a better plan for your family.  At Ferguson Law Practice, PLLC, you will have fierce and compassionate advocacy on your side.

Family Law Issues in Travis County

Our Austin family lawyers provide representation to clients working through the following matters:

  • Divorce. We can help you develop a plan for your future and have the experience to guide you through all aspects of the process, including child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, and the division of marital property and debt.
  • Child custody disputes. Whether in a pending or post-divorce situation, your child’s needs are a top priority. You and your co-parent may have differing opinions on what is in your child’s best interests. These differences can be difficult to reconcile on your own. Our family law lawyers in Austin can advocate for your child’s future and come up with a collaborative plan.
  • Modifications. If current family court orders regarding custody or support are no longer practical, our lawyers can help you create a better plan.
  • Protective Orders & Restraining orders. There are times you may need the court to intervene to protect a person or property.  Our lawyers can seek orders for protection or defend against them when false allegations are made.
  • Child Protective Services (CPS) If you are being threatened with the loss of your child or are otherwise involved with a CPS matter, we can provide knowledgeable guidance.

How Can We Help?

Family law matters are often among the most emotional and difficult to resolve due to the fact that so much is at stake. Family law involves your most personal and cherished relationships as well as your financial resources, marital property, and all that you have built together with your spouse during the marriage. 

Disentangling yourself from the emotional and financial bonds can be complicated, stressful, and challenging. If you are facing a divorce or another family law issue our legal team is here to help.

Kyle Ann Ferguson

I am a former prosecutor and born litigator. I've spent over a decade working in child protection and I appreciate the complexities that arise when children are involved in litigation. I am also a nurturer who will be your advocate and a source of support. I am passionate about empowering my clients to plan for the future.

About Our Firm

At Ferguson Law Practice, PLLC we believe strongly in empowering our clients as they are navigating family law issues. As a team of experienced litigators, our Austin lawyers are here to help you resolve your divorce or other family law matter in the most effective and positive manner possible. As parents and attorneys, we understand the impact these family law issues can have on your life and future and are dedicated to providing the strong advocacy and personalized service you need from start to finish.

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