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Unfortunately, domestic violence, financial abuse, and child abuse are a reality in many households here in Austin, Travis County, and Central County. These issues can have a hugely negative impact on the victims, putting them in immediate harm’s way and placing them at risk for future violence. It can also negatively impact divorce and child custody issues.
Even victims of abuse have a duty to protect their children from the harms caused by the abuser. To combat domestic violence and child abuse, the law provides for protective orders and restraining orders in Austin and Travis County that can be issued by courts that prohibit abusers from committing further violence or making any kind of contact with victims and their children. These orders may issue other restrictions and protections as well.
At Ferguson Law Practice, PLLC, we are strong family law litigators ready to seek protective orders or defend against them when they are pursued on the basis of dubious petitions. No matter where you stand on this issue, we recommend that you speak to one of our highly-experienced legal team to learn more about how we can help.

Protective Orders in Texas

You may need the court to intervene quickly to protect yourself, your children, and your property from an abusive. A Temporary Restraining Order can serve to stop the offending party from exposing you, your children, or your property to further risk. This relief is temporary, as the name suggests, and our Austin protective orders lawyers can help plan for how to protect your interests in the long run.
Domestic abuse can be exhibited in many ways, from physical abuse to sexual, emotional, financial, or child abuse. You can obtain a Temporary Restraining Order by petitioning the court which can issue it on an emergency basis. This will then be followed by a hearing in which both you and the other party can present evidence to the judge so that he or she can decide the issue on a more permanent basis.
Protective orders and restraining orders in Austin and Travis County are orders that can demand the abuser to cease his or her threats or acts of violence. They can order the offender to vacate the shared residence, cease any further contact with you and your children, whether in person or by phone, text, email, or through another party. They can order the offender to stay a certain distance away from your home, workplace, school, or places you frequent as well as give you temporary custody of children, order the offender to pay child support, and more.
Fighting False Allegations

In a divorce or child custody disputes, certain individuals may make false allegations against the other party in order to get the upper hand in the matter. These allegations may be made out of spite, revenge, or anger and are designed to destroy the accused’s reputation with the court. In such situations, you will need a skilled advocate who can properly defend you in court so as to protect your personal and parental rights. At Ferguson Law Practice, PLLC, our Austin protective orders lawyers have the litigation skills needed to aggressively fight for your best interests.

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